Junior Idol Members Choose BTS’s Jimin As Their Role Model, Fans Call Him The ‘Rookie’s Bible’

BTS’s Jimin has become a role model for many other idol members.

BTS’s Jimin has become a real role model for junior idol groups due to his unique vocals and sexy charisma. With this, international fans have given him the name of ‘Rookie’s Bible’ as he has become the dream and the goal for many other idol members.




When asked who his role model was, BDC’s Kim Si Hun commented, “BTS’s Jimin is my role model. His presence on stage and his amazing dancing skills are so effortlessly cool. Jimin and I also have the same birthday. I hope to meet him one day. Jimin sunbaenim, I love you!”




VICTON‘s Sejun revealed that he looked up to Jimin every time he felt down and needed to bring himself back up. “Personally, BTS’s Jimin is my role model. I’ve been watching videos of him since I was a trainee, and I wanted to become like him. Whenever I fell into a rut, I would think of Jimin and get back up again. He is a sunbaenim that I respect.”








TARGET’s Boun and RAINZ‘s Byun Hyunmin posted dance covers of Jimin’s “Lie” and “Serendipity” online and revealed their respect for him as well.









ATEEZ’s Wooyoung has chosen Jimin to be his role model since he was in middle school.




During a fan meeting, someone asked Jimin who his role model was. “Honestly, I don’t think I have one. I always thought, ‘do we need to choose someone?’ because I felt that If I continued to work hard and become my role model, that would be the best. But after meeting ARMY and seeing how you support and love us without expecting anything in return, I’ve chosen ARMY as our role model and hero.”




Many fans are curious to see what kind of legendary performance Jimin will bring to the end-of-the-year stages for 2019.

Source: segye