This Swole 4th Gen Idol Just Showed Off His Gym Routine — And Hot Body

He looks good and he knows it!

JUST B‘s Lim Jimin is known for his impressive and toned body. Recently, he showed fans how he maintains his pump on the road.

When doing an upper body workout, Jimin begins with band work to help stretch out his shoulders and prevent rounding of the shoulders caused from poor posture.

In his vlog, he showcased two workouts in different gyms during his time on tour. In the first workout, he targeted his shoulders, back and chest. He began with dumbbell side lateral raises.

He then did lat pull-downs…

…as well as the seated shoulder press machine.

To finish off the workout, he did a lying chest press machine. Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal how many sets or reps he does.

His next workout took place in a different gym with more equipment, so he was able to do more exercises. He began with a health drink to energize him and got into the workout. He began with a combination of skull crushers and hip thrusts on a bench.

He proceeded to do pull-ups…

…lat pull-downs…

…and seated rows. He definitely focused on his back this workout — and it looks like it’s paying off!

He then moved on to chest with a seated chest press…

…and also worked his shoulders with a dumbbell overhead press.

With that, Jimin’s workout was complete!

Will you try his killer workout? Check out his full vlog below.

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