JYJ’s Jaejoong Reveals Terrifying Incident With Sasaengs

“Fans have broken into my room…”

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has recently revealed some of his terrifying experiences with sasaengs on a Japanese television program.

*Sasaeng: Korean term that refers to over-obsessive fans who often invade the privacy of their favorite celebrities.


According to Niconico Video, Jaejoong shared his experience on an episode of Nippon TV‘s Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodan after the other guests shared their experiences of being sexually harassed by fans.


Jaejoong shocked the host and guests when he said that fans have broken into his room on numerous occasions.

“(Fans) have broken into my room many times. While I’m sleeping, they would (look at me) like this…It happened dozens of times.”

ㅡ Jaejoong


And while the incident is quite shocking, this is certainly not the first time sasaengs have violated the artist’s privacy. In the past, a sasaeng had snuck up on him during a leisurely break at a sauna and snapped a photo of him while he was asleep. The sasaeng then posted it online, even bragging that she kissed him while he was sleeping.


In another incident, Jaejoong was helping a grandmother, who had fallen over, get back up at the airport but all fans could do was continuously snap photos of him. Jaejoong, who was infuriated by the behavior of these fans, later mentioned the incident in a Tweet:

“I came back to Korea in a good mood and I understand coming to the airport and vigorously taking photos like a photographer but if a grandmother or grandfather falls down, shouldn’t you at least help them get up or apologize? Can you stop checking if the photos came out well after getting in your car and check to see if the elderly person was your grandmother or not?”


This frightening photo of Jaejoong and a fan watching over him through the window shows just how closely he is watched by these so-called “fans.”

Fans can only hope that these saesangs will learn to respect their artist’s privacy one day.

Source: TV Report and Instiz
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