JYJ’s Junsu Dances To His Former Group TVXQ’s “Mirotic” And Netizens Can’t Believe How Good He Is

They were left in absolute awe 😍

JYJ member Junsu (also known as XIA) recently uploaded a short Instagram clip onto his social media account, but the brief clip has been making headlines due to its nostalgic content.

JYJ member, Junsu.

The JYJ member shared a short 48 second clip of himself dancing to TVXQ‘s famous hit track “Mirotic” and fans cannot get over his legendary cover. The song was released back in 2008, making it 14-years-old this year. But despite the time that has passed since its release, Junsu was able to show off his never-changing abilities through his dance.

Dressed in a snazzy black suit, the JYJ member showed off exactly why he was once a part of the legendary lineup of TVXQ. He danced along to the famous mouth-covering choreography…

…the fun snapping move…

…and the suave sliding move to prove that time has done nothing but improve his amazing abilities!

Netizens who viewed Junsu’s nostalgic dance cover poured out their love for the singer, as they all praise and reminisced back on his TVXQ days.

| theqoo
  • “His dance line is so so so amazingly cool.”
  • “Even though time has passed, nothing has changed. He’s amazing.”
  • “I was never satisfied despite all of the covers that have been done. The original is truly the best.”
  • “This is it. Even when other idol groups covered this, the original has to do it in order for the sexiness to show!! There’s a reason why everyone wants the original to do it!!!!”
  • “Wow…even just from his dance line, there’s something different. It’s the aura of the original singer.”
| Huffington Post Korea

Junsu was once one of TVXQ’s original members from 2003-2009 before he departed the group along with fellow former members Yoochun and Jaejoong. Ever since his departure from TVXQ and SM Entertainment, it’s been hard to see him dance or sing along to any TVXQ song so this recent “Mirotic” cover was a huge treat!

Be sure to watch the JYJ member dance along to “Mirotic” down below.

Source: WikiTree