“They Moved Into The House Opposite Mine” — JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Truly Spine-Chilling Stories About His Sasaeng Stalkers

He experienced it all.

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong was once part of TVXQ!, the hottest group of his generation. TVXQ’s stalkers and sasaengs remain one of the most legendary sasaengs of K-Pop and for all the wrong reasons. On his online podcast, Jaejoong recounted a few of the terrible incidents he experienced.

During the episode, a fan sent in a story of a scary experience. They had left the house in a hurry that morning, not remembering if they locked the door or not. When they got home, their door was unlocked, causing them to panic.

This morning, I left the house in a hurry because I was totally about to be late… But when I got home after work, my door was unlocked. The apartment’s entrance is controlled by a password, so although I thought that it wouldn’t be anything huge, I was on my toes as I entered the unlocked apartment. I was so scary. Thankfully, nothing happened, but those three minutes are something I never want to experience again.

— Fan

Jaejoong heard the story, and immediately related to the fan. According to him, he would be first in place in South Korea, amongst those plagued by stalkers.

He would receive photo text messages of his house’s living room, kitchen, and bedroom. What was the scariest was that Jaejoong was in every single one of those photos.

Just how did they manage to take them? Jaejoong later found out that the sasaengs had come in on their tip-toes, taken the photos, and left. How they found out his phone number was another mystery. He changed the locks on the doors after that incident.

Another time, after he moved out on his own, he realized that the sasaengs had managed to rent out or buy the apartment opposite his. It was the exact floor that he lived on. Whenever he went out on the terrace, they would stare at him. It was a pity as Jaejoong had chosen the house for the terrace, which he now couldn’t even use. What convinced him to move out was when his doorbell rang at dawn. When he went to check the video intercom system, there was no one there. A few minutes later, the bell rang again, but there was no one there. Finally, when he opened the door, he experienced some difficulty opening it all the way. Scarily, he saw that there was someone sitting behind the door. In shock, he closed the door. After a second, he went out and gave chase. He called the police when he got a hold of the sasaeng and recognized the sasaeng. Disappointingly, the police berated Jaejoong instead, criticizing him for “being petty and reporting it, as fans could do that.

The last story he shared is possible the scariest. He had ordered food through delivery, and the delivery staff rang the doorbell. The delivery staff had a cap on, pushed down as much as it could be. They looked up at him, with only the whites of their eyes visible under the cap. When he asked if they could ring his bill up, they simply smiled at him creepily asking, “You know me right?” Jaejoong denied it, but they simply went “oh, is that so?” and got on the elevator. Jaejoong reenacted the sasaeng‘s creepy grin.

Jaejoong called the restaurant to enquire about the staff’s identity. To his shock, the delivery staff had quit just seconds ago! Meaning, the staff had worked at the restaurant simply only to make a delivery to Jaejoong’s house.

Jaejoong was plagued by sasaengs for 12 years before his life settled down. Although he doesn’t get bothered by sasaengs any more, it is impressive how he managed to stay strong throughout the 12 years.

Source: theqoo