JYJ Park Yoochun’s Ex-Fiancée Reveals Shocking Details In Angry Instagram Post

“I have some faults too but you have so much, right?? Prostitution, animal abuse, assaulting women, scams…”

Hwang Hana is a beautiful socialite from a wealthy family, who was dragged into the spotlight when she announced her marriage to JYJ‘s Park Yoochun back in 2017.

Just a year before, he was caught up in a whirlwind of rape and sexual assault accusation. He was eventually found innocent of the charges but went on a long hiatus while also serving in the military. In 2018, their engagement was called off.

Hwang Hana and Park Yoochun spotted on a date.

After nearly a year since their separation, Hwang Hana took to Instagram to upload a lengthy and angry post about someone who backstabbed her in a corrupt scheme to make her the perpetrator.

She claimed the people involved were “rotten people [who] continue to act like angels as if nothing happened.” The unnamed person had committed “prostitution, animal abuse, assaulting women, scams.

Netizens believed she was talking about her ex-fiancé, Park Yoochun. She neither confirmed or denied it as she later took down the post.

Park Yoochun has yet to respond to the accusations. He’s currently promoting his first comeback in 3 years, “Slow Dance”.

Check out Hwang Hana’s full post below:

“I’ve experience a lot of different things just because I dated the wrong guy.

I have a very soft heart, so I usually can’t stand to see something bad happening, write this kind of post, or take revenge. But I’ve been holding a lot in recently, so I want to expose everything. I don’t have anything to gain from writing this. I also know that it’ll most likely have a big, negative affect.

I’m human too, so I make mistakes. Whenever I make a mistake, I sincerely reflect on my actions and vow to never make that mistake again. I held it all in for a long time, but I’ve burst from your cowardly and stingy self. ha.

You even called your manager, committed wrong actions, and ran away –

‘I got a message that his agency and family members are trying to think of corrupt ways to make me the perpetrator.’

The women who were his victims so far were women who had no financial stability, so they couldn’t do anything but take the hit. But I’m never going to turn out like that^^

Of course, I have some faults too but you have so much, right?? Prostitution, animal abuse, assaulting women, scams – etc

I gave you enough time and enough opportunities.

I’m regretting this even as I’m writing it, but I can’t help it when rotten people continue to act like angels as if nothing happened, when his people trick and use you but then try to make you look like the bad person..

And they say I only have one thing on my mind ^^ That I cheated haha You even seemed to have hallucinated.. Does it make sense that when a woman and a man are in a house together, the girlfriend starts touching another man while the boyfriend is right in front of her? ha That’s just unimaginable, scary, cheap, and cowardly. More cheap than anything ha

If I have punishment to serve, I’ll take it. You need to be punished forever..

I don’t know who messed you up. This time, it seems like even your manager did something too. I trusted him so much and sincerely did my best for him. I hid his faults too. ha. I specifically gave you your last chance last night but you stab me in the back like this

(Nobody should judge ㅠㅠ I didn’t say who it was.. There could be a twist.)

— Hwang Hana

Source: TV Report
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