Park Yoochun Was Declared Completely Innocent, Here’s What He Had To Say

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun has been released and his charges of rape have been cleared by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

In June 2016, Park Yoochun was accused of raping four women and attempting to rape another. Between then and now, he has attended several court trials regarding the accusations.

Park Yoochun had been accused of raping a woman in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment in June 2016. After the initial accusation, more women began stepping forward and claiming they were also victims of Park Yoochun.

However, on March 16, C-JeS Entertainment announced that Park Yoochun has been cleared of all four rape accusations, and that he was ruled “not guilty.”

Here is the full statement by C-JeS Entertainment translated:

“On March 13, 2017, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office have ruled that Park Yoochun is not guilty of the 4 rape accusations that were filed against him.

The second series of lawsuits filed against Park Yoochun at Gangnam Police Station in regards to prostitution were cleared for lacking any reason, and the plaintiff who made the accusation has been arrested by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on the same day, on charges of making a false accusation. As for the first series of lawsuits involving blackmail, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office ruled on January 1, 2017, that the plaintiff and three others are guilty of attempted blackmail and false accusations, and are sentenced to two years imprisonment. In regards to the third and fourth lawsuits, the whereabouts of the plaintiffs were unknown, and therefore investigations for their false accusations could not go forward.

All of Park Yoochun’s cases from June last year are hereby cleared and he has been acquitted.

Regardless of the reason, Park Yoochun would like to bow his head and deeply apologize for not being a moral and responsible public figure and for causing such a social controversy as someone who once received a lot of love and support.

Also, thank you to all the domestic and international fans who watched the investigation and supported him until the end. Park Yoochun will use this incident as a chance to reflect back on his life and repent for his actions.”

— C-JeS Entertainment

Source: The Huffington Post

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