Jackson Explains Why He Agrees With JYP Entertainment’s Dating Ban

Jackson is on board with JYP’s dating ban.

JYP Entertainment is famous for a number of protocols for their artists, one of which is a dating ban of three years starting from their debut. Most idols would probably rejoice once the ban becomes void, however, GOT7’s Jackson is having second thoughts. 


On Radio Star, Jackson said that he wasn’t ready to date at the moment because dating wasn’t only fun but also dealt with a lot of responsibilities.

“Honestly, I want to date someone, but dating isn’t a joke. It’s not only fun. You have responsibilities.”

— GOT7’s Jackson 


That wasn’t the only time he’s revealed that he’s okay with not dating. During a Facebook Live session with his fans, he revealed that he plans to stick to the dating ban even after its expiration date because he wants to focus on growing his career more.

“Can I really be honest with you? I really don’t have any desire to date right now.”

— Jackson


He wants to work until he fully has enough time and energy to care for his significant other.

“The reason is because I can’t take of myself… so how would I take care of someone else?

If you want to take care of someone, you need to have the ability, time, and everything… but I don’t have anything! I can’t even take care of my parents right now, how can I care for another? I don’t have the ability.

I don’t have the right to date right now.”

— Jackson


Jackson’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise as he vowed to do all that he can to make 2018 the year of GOT7!


His dedication for the success of GOT7 has touched the hearts of fans, even though it means that he’ll have to sacrifice the possibility of starting a relationship.


Here’s to the day when Jackson reaches that point in life where he’s ready to start a beautiful relationship! Until then, his relationship with iGOT7s are more than enough to keep him energized!