JYP Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly “Copying” MONSTA X In The Teaser For Their Upcoming Group

Many think the resemblance is too much!

JYP Entertainment has recently been exciting fans with teasers and images promoting K-Pop groups set to debut in the company in the upcoming months. From the members of girl group JYPn to the final lineup of the boy group formed on the SBS show Loud. Yet, a recent teaser has gained attention from fans after allegations of copying material from MONSTA X.

The members of MONSTA X | Starship Entertainment

However, the company recently released another mysterious teaser for its new group. The teaser showed the phrases “We Are All Heroes” and “Heroes Are Coming” and had many fans excited. It also showcased a logo that many thought could give hints about what to expect from this new JYP group.

| JYP Entertainment/ YouTube 

Despite the excitement from some netizens, many quickly raised concerns about the originality of the teaser. In particular, many believed that it had a lot of similarities to the logo used by MONSTA X on their 2019 WE ARE HERE album. The group also adapted the logo and made small changes throughout several of their albums.

Fans voiced that, aside from a line through the center in the new JYP logo, it looks almost identical to the MONSTA X logo.

Alongside that, some netizens believed that JYP using the phrase “We Are” with this logo showcases more similarities, alongside many finding similarities between the use of “Heroes” and MONSTA X’s track “HERO.”

| JYP Entertainment/ YouTube

After the teaser was shared, many took to social media to share their views on the alleged “copying” from JYP.

Although not much is known about this upcoming group, many are worried that if it is a boy group with a similar logo, it tears away from work and thought that went behind MONSTA X’s logo.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the company has been criticized and accused of plagiarism. Earlier in the year, the company made a statement after criticism that the hanboks worn by TWICE were a copy of Kim Balko‘s creations for BLACKPINK.

JYP Entertainment has yet to respond to these comments.

Source: JYP Entertainment


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