JYP Entertainment Apologizes For Similarities In TWICE And BLACKPINK’s Hanboks

Less than a day after the music video release, JYP was called out by the designer herself.

JYP Entertainment has just issued an official apology after famous hanbok designer Kim Balko called out TWICE‘s Dahyun and Chaeyoung‘s cover of Rain and J.Y. Park‘s “Switch To Me.”

Kim Balko is well known for all of her designs but is perhaps most famous for her modernized hanboks. Several hours ago, the designer and visual director Kim Balko posted the following video on her Instagram story.

| @balkothecat/Instagram 

It reads: “Huh??!! My custom-designed outfit is in something I didn’t do??!!” More specifically, she is talking about the jacket (or Jeogori) worn by Dahyun.

| TWICE/YouTube
| TWICE/YouTube

Both fans and she quickly pointed out that the jacket looked similar to the jacket worn by BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo in the “How You Like That” music video. Balko worked with BLACKPINK on the music video and even won an award along with BLACKPINK’s style director Park Mine Hee. Balko did not work on TWICE’s new video.


JYP Entertainment has issued this apology:

The outfit seen in Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s Melody Project was a hanbok piece purchased through a hanbok distributor. Nevertheless, we were not able to properly recognize its similarity to others’ work. We would like to sincerely apologize for this mistake. We offered a thorough explanation as well as a sincere apology to the designer. We will take greater care to ensure that this does not happen again.

—JYP Entertainment

Source: JYP Fans
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