JYP Entertainment Comes Under Fire For Alleged Plagiarism In Music Video For NMIXX’s Debut Track “O.O”

Fans are asking JYP Entertainment to explain the situation.

JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group NMIXX has officially made its debut, but the reactions have been somewhat mixed. Notably, JYP Entertainment has come under fire for allegedly plagiarizing other groups in NMIXX’s debut music video “O.O”.

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The music video showcases several different concepts, from strong and powerful…

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…to fun and colorful.

The diverse range of imagery in the MV reflects the wide range of sounds and genres within the song, which is consistent with the group’s concept as ‘NMIXX’—a group with an experimental sound that mixes different genres together to create the ‘new genre’ of ‘MIXX POP.’

While netizens mostly seem to agree that the members all show great talent and plenty of potential, some have pointed out that the “O.O” MV bears strong similarities to other videos that cannot be ignored. Fans feel like certain shots in the movie look a lot like ATEEZ‘s videos, specifically the “Illusion” MV. ATEEZ is a group with a pirate-themed backstory, so a ship similar to the one in NMIXX’s “O.O” appears in many of their music videos.

Scene from ATEEZ’s “Illusion” MV. | KQ ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube
Scene from NMIXX’s “O.O” MV. | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Therefore, fans everywhere have been pointing out that the appearance of the ship in “O.O” lies dangerously close to plagiarism of ATEEZ’s concept.

DIGIPEDI, the studio that produced “O.O,” is a studio that ATEEZ have worked with before, which could account for the similarities between the videos. However, as netizens have pointed out, DIGIPEDI did not produce ATEEZ’s “Illusion.”

This makes the similarities harder to explain. While most fans agree that it is perfectly normal for different videos to have sets and themes in common, most videos should still have their own unique concepts that stand apart from others.

Yet, NMIXX’s video resembles ATEEZ’s videos in more than just the use of a pirate ship.

As a result the hashtag #JYP_표절논란_해명해, which asks JYP Entertainment to explain the alleged plagiarism, began trending.

Yet, in addition to issues with the alleged plagiarism in the video’s imagery, netizens have claimed that the group’s new genre of ‘MIXX POP’ isn’t exactly as new or original as JYP Entertainment claims it to be. While MIXX POP is supposedly innovative for combining songs of different genres into one experimental song, fans have pointed out that groups such as aespa have already done that.

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In fact, aespa’s “Next Level” trended on Twitter at the same time as the debut of NMIXX’s “O.O” on February 22, with fans calling out the unfairness of the situation.

Having said that, for many people it’s important to recognize that the issues with the video and with the ‘new genre’ are separate from the members of NMIXX, whose talent should still be appreciated.

It is yet to be seen how the issue of alleged plagiarism develops, but in the meantime, congratulations to NMIXX on their debut! We wish them all the best in their career!

Source: Naver