Fans Angry At JYP Entertainment For Not Letting ITZY’s Yeji Choose Her Own Hair Color

“She’s a grown woman…”

ITZY‘s Yeji is so pretty that she can definitely rock any type of hair. Despite this, fans were shocked when they found out that she was not in charge of choosing her own hair colors. Back in March 2023, Yeji talked about what hair color she would like during the next comeback. The star brought up a blue-black color as something she would like to try.

In spite of Yeji’s wishes, she sported light brown hair when the group came back with “None Of My Business.” While she slayed the look, it left fans wondering about a dark-haired Yeji.

Yeji for “None Of My Business.”

Just a month later, Yeji returned with orange hair to promote “Cake.”

While she looked as gorgeous as ever, fans symphathized with the star when she took to live stream to lament the change in hair color. Yeji had been angling for a pink dye instead.

I did think that I should dye my hair orange again after having it for “Mafia In The Morning,” but I didn’t know that I would be back to orange so soon.

— Yeji

Yeji once mentioned her desire to go pink for the comeback, leading fans to feel upset that she did not have the freedom to choose her hair color. As ITZY is already a good four years into their career, it is about time that their opinions are reflected in their styling.

Fans also brought up bad styling choices from their managing division, particularly citing her appearance at Louis Vuitton’s show earlier in the year.

Although K-Pop artists are still heavily controlled by their agency in terms of styling and direction, this usually applies at a strict capacity during their rookie days. With more experience built up, most artists are given some leniency and freedom. It looks like this isn’t the case with ITZY.