Final Name Of JYP’s New Girl Group Possibly Leaked Through New Trademark Registration

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While JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group is currently known as JYPn, that’s not actually the name they’ll debut with. Up until now, there’s been no sign of an official name reveal for the JYPn project—but it may have been leaked in a recent trademark application.

JYPn is the project name for JYP Entertainment’s first new girl group since ITZY debuted around two and a half years ago. Currently, the group has four members revealed: 17-year-old Sullyoon,

JYPn’s Sullyoon | @JYPn_official/Twitter

17-year-old Jinni,

JYPn’s Jinni | @JYPn_official/Twitter

16-year-old Jiwoo,

JYPn’s Jiwoo | @JYPn_official/Twitter

and 15-year-old Kyujin.

JYPn’s Kyujin (center) and Jinni (right) | @JYPn_official/Twitter

According to press releases, the pre-debut name JYPn was chosen to represent multiple meanings: “next,” “now,” “new,” and “n” itself, which is typically used to represent an unknown number or factor.

JYPn’s Jinni, Kyujin, and Jiwoo | JYPn/YouTube

Since the group was announced, many name rumors have circulated among early fans. At first, it was believed that JYPn would officially be named SQU4D, indicating a possible four-member group. However, it was later revealed that SQU4D is the name of JYP Entertainment’s “Division 4,” the side of the company expected to manage the new girl group.

Other speculated names included Neora (a combination of “neo,” meaning new, and “era”), Xdinary Heroes (a shortened version of “extraordinary heroes”), and Cherryz (a name which has been circulating since just months after ITZY’s debut).

JYPn’s Sullyoon | JYPn/YouTube

But now, a new trademark registration may have revealed the true name of JYP Entertainment’s new girl group. On September 13, the company applied for a new trademark under the name NMIXX.


At first glance, given the focus on the letter “N,” NMIXX definitely looks like it could be a possible name for JYPn. On top of that, it’s also very similar to 6MIX. 6MIX was the original name for the pre-debut JYP Entertainment group that preceded TWICE, consisting of Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana, and Nayeon along with two other trainees. First planned to debut around 2014 or 2015, the team was “disbanded” ahead of SIXTEEN and TWICE eventually took its place.

(Left to right) TWICE’s Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana, and Nayeon | Mnet

On top of the trademark, fans have also uncovered a Twitter account under the name @NMIXX_official, created in the same month as the official JYPn Twitter. However, Twitter allows users to change their names at any time, which means that it’s possible a fan claimed the username after the NMIXX trademark was revealed.

That aside, another possible clue could be JYPn’s current logo.

JYPn’s logo | JYP Entertainment

Look closely, and you’ll notice that all the letters in NMIXX can be seen in the formation.

Currently, the trademark is only registered under the categories for cosmetics and perfumes, digital media like CDs, and jewelry—classifications often used for trademarked merchandise. K-Pop group names are often usually registered under the classifications for business and entertainment too. However, it’s not uncommon for companies to apply for trademarks in these categories at a later date.

It’s also interesting to note that trademark registrations were how ITZY’s name was first leaked to the public around four months before their debut.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

All in all, while there’s no guarantee that NMIXX was trademarked for JYPn, it definitely seems like a believable fit. Meanwhile, fans are divided on the name itself. While some think NMIXX will fit the group well, others prefer the previously speculated names. That said, group names like ITZY—which are well-loved today—were originally met with mixed opinions too. With JYPn expected to debut in the first half of 2022, it may not be long until official name confirmation drops.

Source: KIPRIS