JYP Entertainment may be sued for violating Tzuyu’s human rights

In light of Tzuyu’s official public apology, JYP Entertainment is under fire for allegedly violating the singer’s human rights. 

On January 18th, Korea Multicultural Centre, a private non-government organisation, issued a stated confirmed that they have the means to sue JYP Entertainment to the National Human Rights Commission on the basis of racism and human rights violations.

According to the organisation, JYP Entertainment violated Tzuyu’s basic human rights by forcing her to record the video and release an apology, in light of the recent controversy concerning Taiwan and China. It was cited that Tzuyu was bluntly forced to accept the responsibility of her actions, despite being a minor, calling out the agency for failing to protect her from the political fiasco. The organisation further suggests as the case is raised to the commission, the agency must accept the prosecution process and punishment the policies require.

In a separate statement, JYP Entertainment revealed that the apology was not forced in anyway, further stating that Tzuyu’s parents were consulted prior to the decision of releasing an apology was made.

The full statement is translated below. Meanwhile, here is the full overview of Tzuyu’s nationality scandal with China and Taiwan.

Source: Dispatch