JYP Entertainment Officially Denies Accusations Of ITZY’s Lia Committing School Violence

JYP firmly denied the accusations.

JYP Entertainment has officially denied rumors that ITZY‘s Lia committed school violence during her younger days.

Earlier, an anonymous post was uploaded to the internet, claiming a famous female idol who is known for her sharp shoulder angle and born in 2000 committed school violence and bullying, including verbal abuse and not paying back money that was lent to her. Given the details that the netizen provided, some people claimed the person being referred to was ITZY’s Lia.

In response to the rumors, JYP Entertainment has come out to defend their artist, saying the rumors are clearly lies and will be taking legal action.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to share our position about the contents that are spreading on the internet related to our artist, Lia.

This case is an ongoing investigation after we sued the writer last year for defamation and spreading false information. We would like to inform you that we are still waiting for the results, according to the legal procedure.

The contents are clearly false information, and we plan on taking strong legal action against malicious content, false information, and other acts that undermine the reputation and image of our artists, and hinder their activities.

— JYP Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga


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