JYP Entertainment Officially Responds To Rumours Of Wonder Girl’s Disbandment

An official from JYP Entertainment recently released a statement about the growing concern of fans that Wonder Girls will be leaving JYP.

After initial reports broke out in December that Wonder Girls’ contracts with JYP were set to expire soon, fans began growing worried for the future of the group. While the report initially caused fans to become unsettled, it wasn’t until this morning that fans began fearing for the future of the group.

A report earlier today revealed that the banner for Wonder Girls which held a spot in the JYP building for 10 years was replaced by a banner for the group Day6. Although the disappearance of the banner does not confirm that Wonder Girls will be leaving JYP, many find it suspicious that JYP would decide to take a banner with such a long history at such a sensitive time.

A personnel from JYP, however, commented on the situation stating, “The negotiations for contract renewal with Wonder Girls is still in process.”

Source: Star News