Here’s What JYP Entertainment Has In Store For The Rest Of 2021 According To A Securities Report

5 new debuts are planned.

According to a securities report for JYP Entertainment released August 18, 2021, the artists under the company will be having an active and fruitful year. Of course, as some of these are forecast predictions and others are ongoing plans for promotions, they may not come true. However, as per official business forecast documents, here’s what JYP Entertainment has in store.

Firstly, Stray Kids has been predicted to be the 6th artist to rank as a million-seller. It has been forecasted that their number of albums sold will exceed a million copies, given that their pre-orders are already way past 830,000 copies. They will be the fastest artists in the company to hit a million-seller record, given that they debuted only 4 years ago.

Next, ITZY‘s recent comeback in the second quarter of 2021 with the album Guess Who along with TWICE‘s Taste of Love had sold a total of around 1,200,000 copies collectively. This was a great kick-off for JYP Entertainment in this year. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, JYP Entertainment is planning to hit their best stride with a comeback for ITZY and Stray Kids.

As for new debuts, they are planning a total of 5 teams. First, their new girl group. Second, they plan to debut a new boy band under Studio J, the same team that launched DAY6. They will also be debuting a new boy group through LOUD, a reality survival program in collaboration with P NATION. They also plan to launch a male version of NiziU in Japan and also a boy group in China.

Lastly, the company is planning to grow even more as they have acquired 23.3% of shares in Dunamu, a tech company.

With all these plans in store, it is a no-brainer that they will only go higher from here on out.

Source: theqoo