Here Are JYP Entertainment’s Plans For New Groups In 2023

We’ve been seeing the signs!

JYP Entertainment has been on a roll with fresh debuts in these past few years. We have Stray Kids in 2017…

ITZY in 2018…

…and NMIXX in 2022!

It seems like JYP Entertainment has no plans about stopping, according to a table published about their business plans for 2023. Entertainment companies often give business presentations to their stockholders. These can happen annually, bi-annually, or quarterly, depending on the company. Regular folks can also obtain information about these presentations and business plans through their stockbrokers. In a recent presentation about JYP Entertainment, provided by Hana Financial Investments, four new debut teams had been written down as the agency’s upcoming plans.

“JYP Artists current promotional situation and re-contractual information. Green represents artists active for 8 years or more, grey for under 7 years.” | theqoo

No Korean girl group will be debuting soon thanks to NMIXX, JYP Entertainment’s latest female rookies who already debuted in Korea in 2022. However, a Korean boy group team has been planned for its debut in 2023. A Japanese boy group team will also be making their debut in 2023 and will likely be placed in a similar position as NiziU. NiziU is half managed by JYP Entertainment and half by Sony Music Japan. A Chinese boy group will also make its debut in 2023, while JYP Entertainment will be venturing into the Western market with an American girl group set for the same year.

Isn’t it wild to think that all 4 teams will be making their debut in 2023? While nothing is set in stone yet, all hints from the company’s recent actions point to yes. JYP Entertainment signed a partnership with China’s Tencent Music Entertainment in 2021. They also opened their North American branch in March 2023. We’re excited to see what will happen!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding JYP’s 2023 generation!

Source: theqoo