JYP Entertainment Releases Statement Concerning TWICE’s Dahyun’s Passport Incident At The Airport

Check out their statement here.

On December 29, 2019, TWICE‘s Dahyun passport was flashed towards the cameras while an airport attendant was checking and flipping through her passport. This caused anyone with a camera in the vicinity to be able to zoom in to her passport and collect her private information.

Dahyun was seen covering up her passport from cameras when she noticed that it was visible. Fans are furious at the negligence of the airport attendant and demand an explanation.

Since then, her company JYP Entertainment has released a statement.

It reads,

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This morning, during the arrival and departure of TWICE at the airport, member Dahyun’s personal information including resident registration and identification numbers  were leaked through filming and spread online.

Such spreading and dissemination of personal information is a violation of the law according to the Personal Information Protection Act. Please discontinue the dissemination of such information immediately.

We will be taking legal action in accordance with the law regarding the distribution of Dahyun’s private information.

Thank you.

– JYP Entertainment

Source: JYP Fan Cafe