JYP Entertainment Takes Legal Action Against Sasaengs Invading Stray Kids’s Privacy

They also plan to take additional action against malicious commenters.

Earlier, around February, JYP Entertainment issued a warning for “fans” that invaded Stray Kids‘ privacy and/or violated their rights.

Now, on May 18, JYP Entertainment updated fans, announcing that they have taken legal action against the sasaengs that repeatedly infringed on Stray Kids’ personal rights. They also revealed that they were preparing to take additional legal action such as criminal and civil complaints against malicious commenters.

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Here is JYP Entertainment’s full statement:

We are here to update you about the progress of our legal actions to the violation of our artist’s rights. We previously announced that we would take strong legal action in situations where our artist’s basic rights, including their privacy and personal rights, were continuously violated. Despite the warning, there has been repeated senseless behavior [by the same individuals], and as a result, our artists are currently enduring severe psychological suffering.

Therefore, after obtaining evidence and testimonies about the individuals who are routinely violating our artist’s privacy, we have taken legal action against them, and with the help of an investigative company, we are preparing to file additional legal complaints.

We are also gathering evidence about criminal acts that defame and insult our artist’s character, such as the spreading of lies or malicious slander about Stray Kids, through our own monitoring. Keeping with the company’s procedure, we plan to take strong civil and/or criminal action in response. There will be no leniency or settlements in our response.

Once again, we are informing you that in the future, we will continue to take strong legal action without settlements against all acts that violate our artist’s personal rights and that impede upon their ability to promote safely.

We ask fans to actively report any evidence they may have seen related to these illegal acts. Thank you.

—JYP Entertainment

Source: JYP Entertainment

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