Meet The Members Of Upcoming JYP Entertainment Girl Group JYPn: Dance Line Edition

They haven’t even debuted, but they’re already 🔥🔥

Back in July, JYP Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new project called JYPn, which will be for their new girl group debuting in 2022. JYP quickly released pre-orders for their album called “Blind Package,” and none of the fans knew anything about the group before the pre-order sales ended.

However, fans now have a smaller look into what they can expect from the group after JYPn’s dance line released a stunning cover of Cardi B‘s “Press.” With some more information on three members, here is a look at what fans can expect from the group’s dance line!

1. Kyujin

When the project group was first announced, trainee Jang Gyujin was one of the first names that many expected to join. Now known as her stage name Kyujin, she was born in 2006 and first caught the eyes of fans at the JYP Trainee mini Showcase in 2018.

The newest member of JYPn Kyujin | @JYPE_TRAINEES/ Twitter

According to sources, she started training at JYP in 2018 after passing a private. She was previously a student at the Withbill Dance Academy and has showcased her skills throughout the years through many videos treating fans to her amazing dancing skills.

| 오묘/ YouTube 

After the cover of Cardi B’s track was released, K-Pop fans were once again awed by Kyujin’s stunning dance skills. With her specialties being both singing and dancing, it seems like K-Pop might be getting another all-rounder, which is something that JYP is definitely not short of!

2. Jinni

The next trainee in the video was Jinni, whose real name is Choi Yunjin. Born in 2004, she has been on the radar of many fans for longer than the other two members announced. Netizens first saw Jinni at a JYP Trainee Showcase in 2016, and she was immediately praised for her stunning visuals!

The newest member of JYPn Jinni | @JYPE_TRAINEES/ Twitter

In particular, many fans would’ve already seen Jinni before. Back in 2019, Yunjin actually had a small role in 2PM Nichkhun‘s “Lucky Charm” music video. During the small clip, her visuals were undeniable!

| JYP Entertainment/ YouTube 

As soon as the video was released, fans couldn’t stop praising Jinni’s fantastic performance skills but also her visuals which oozed charisma and charm in the dance. Depending on the rest of the members, Jinni might be one of the most experienced, and it shows from her on-screen presence.

3. Jiwoo

The final member who fans caught a glimpse of in the video was Jiwoo, whose full name is Kim Jiwoo. Compared to the other members, there isn’t as much known about her. Born in 2005, fans think that she has been a trainee at JYP since 2018 after being seen at the showcase.

The newest member of JYPn Jiwoo | @JYPE_TRAINEES/ Twitter

Apart from basic details, Jiwoo was a dancer for DASTREET DANCE and appeared in many of their dance videos, showcasing just how talented she has been from a very young age! In particular, fans have found an old video of Jiwoo dancing to MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom.”


In the recent cover video, many fans pointed out that Jiwoo seems to have a cuter personality and presence compared to the other members.

With more members yet to be announced, it will be exciting to see who will complete the line-up. With only the dance-line confirmed, if the rest are like this, it will definitely be a strong group and one to watch in the future!

In the meantime, make sure to watch the cover below.

Source: JYP Trainees

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