JYP Finally Releases Statement On Jun.K’s Facial Paralysis

JYP Entertainment clarified Jun.K’s condition, since news of his facial paralysis.

When fans heard that 2PM‘s Jun.K, who is currently serving military duty in the South Korean army, may have facial paralysis, they grew extremely concerned – especially because JYP Entertainment did not respond in a way that confirmed if the artist is recovering.

On June 7th, 2018, an exclusive press release claimed that Jun.K complained of feeling paralysis in his right jaw.


Later in the day, the agency finally responded to the growing concerns and stated Jun.K actually does not have facial paralysis but did receive treatment for a small shoulder pain.

“Once he was sent to the training camp, Jun.K had some shoulder pain. He was treated at the military hospital and prescribed medication to help with the pain.” — JYP Entertainment


JYP Entertainment added, “Other than the shoulder pain, Jun.K has no health issues and is receiving military training in great condition.”


The agency included some updates from Jun.K’s military life, for fans who were worried about the artist. Jun.K is said to be adjusting very well, scoring well on tests, being selected as a leading soldier, and winning chances to make phone calls to his fellow 2PM members.

“Hello, this is JYPE. We were able to get in touch with Jun.K himself, along with the military station where he is, to confirm his physical condition. Jun.K had a slight pain in his shoulder when he first entered the training camp. He was treated at the military hospital and prescribed medication to ease the pain. Other than that, Jun.K is well and working hard at serving his duty. Since he enlisted in May, Jun.K has been a role model soldier. He was selected as one of the leading soldiers for his class. He also passed his exams with good results that earned him phone call rights. He called the other 2PM members when he got the chance. Jun.K and we appreciate the fans, for worrying about Jun.K and always supporting him. Thank you so much.” — JYP Entertainment

Source: The Fact News