JYP Announces Mina Will Not Participate In Comeback Promotions And Jihyo Will Perform Sitting Down

Mina and Jihyo won’t be fully participating in group promotions.

TWICE made their long-awaited comeback with “Feel Special” but JYP Entertainment had some unfortunate news regarding the full member group promotions.

They explained that Mina will unfortunately not take part in the promotions despite having participated in the album and music video. Mina was absent from the group’s recent showcase for their new comeback.


Mina will most likely not participate as she has yet to fully recover from her health concerns and anxiety despite her dedication to participate in group promotions. Mina has been on a hiatus from promotions since this past July.

Mina participated in the album but she will not be participating in the album promotions, including the showcase.

— JYP Entertainment


They also revealed that Jihyo had suffered a minor neck injury during rehearsals and was taken to the hospital for a checkup. After consulting with health specialists, they decided that Jihyo will be sitting down during their performances until her neck recovers.

Jihyo had some pain in her neck during today’s rehearsal stage so she went to the hospital. She won’t be able to dance on stage so she will participate while sitting down.

— JYP Entertainment


Although the group was missing Mina and Jihyo had to perform sitting down, their new track still managed to become a hit as their performance video garnered millions of likes!

Source: Star News