JYP Entertainment Gives An Update On TWICE Mina’s Current Health And Hiatus

They revealed the plans for her return.

TWICE‘s Mina has decided to sit out on recent promotions for the past two months due to her health issues.


JYP Entertainment released an update on her current health status, where they revealed that Mina was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The claimed that she faces “extreme anxiety that occurs continuously, intermittently, and unexpectedly.

They also reconfirmed that there are no plans for her to return yet but will do so once she and the members agree that it is in her best interest.


Mina was spotted at the airport recently, where fans worried for her health as she looked as if she was suffering. In her absence, her members have continually cheered her on through special shoutouts and events at their concerts.


Here’s to Mina’s safe recovery, as well as her happiness!


Read JYP’s full statement below:

Hello. This is JYPE.

We would like to make an additional announcement about Mina’s health status.

After confirming with multiple medical institutions, Mina’s condition was diagnosed as an anxiety disorder.

The main symptom that she faces is extreme anxiety that occurs continuously, intermittently, and unexpectedly. The level of her anxiety may also face sudden changes.

We will be making a decision about Mina’s return to her schedules after many discussions between Mina and the members. Also, we hope that the fans will be understanding about our judgment that Mina’s return will only be based on her personal health and her choices.

We will do our very best for Mina’s recovery. We ask for the fan’s many support and interest.

— JYP Entertainment

Source: Newsen


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