JYP’s New Group, ITZY Is Not at All like TWICE

JYP hasn’t had a group with this concept in a very long time.

With JYP‘s recent release of ITZY‘s teaser video, K-Pop fans have been showing growing interest in the new girl group.

A few points of interest have been raised since the grand reveal.

Every single member was born after the year 2000:

  • Yeji (2000/05/26)
  • Lia (2000/07/21)
  • Ryujin (2001/04/17)
  • Chaeryeong (2001/06/05)
  • Yuna (2003/12/09)

Yeji has appeared on SBS’s The Fan, Ryujiin has appeared on MIXNINE, and Chaeryeong has appeared on SIXTEEN as well as K-Pop Star Season 2.

In addition, fans are predicting that it’s very unlikely that they’ll go for the cute and innocent style that JYP’s TWICE is known for.

If you watch the teaser video, they more closely resemble Wonder Girls or Miss A with their “girl crush” and “girl hip-hop” vibes.

Could this mean BLACKPINK might have a new rival on their hands?

ITZY's Debut