JYP reports Jun.K has fractured his arm, and injured his knee and chest

JYP Entertainment has updated worried fans on 2PM’s Jun.K‘s condition, after he fell 3 meters from a concert stage.

On February 26, Jun.K was performing with his group at their 6 Nights concert event when he fell off the stage in between moving platforms. He was immediately taken away by a stretcher and the concert was canceled.

A fan posted this picture of the very high platform that Jun.K may have fallen from:

Soon after, JYP released a statement on his condition that Jun.K had fractured his right elbow and finger. They also apologized to fans for not being able to ensure the safety of the artists.

On February 27, they revealed that Jun.K had undergone surgery for his fracture and is going to be further looked at because of pains to his chest and knee.

“We sincerely apologize again for the accident that occurred during the concert on February 26. Jun.K had surgery today for the fractured elbow and is resting after being hospitalized.

According to the doctor, the procedure went well without any abnormalities. Although this did not show up during his preliminary check up, Jun.K feels pain on his knee and chest and will be consulting with the doctor for a more detailed examination.

As soon as we hear of his progress we will be sure to inform the fans immediately. ”

-JYP Entertainement