JYP Responds To BTS’s V Instagram Post About Him — Netizens Joke That V Confirmed JYP And Bang Si Hyuk Are “Dating”

BTS’s V gained a new family member, and JYP seemed to accept his role! 😂

When it comes to BTS‘s V, he is truly a social butterfly and loves interacting with people in the industry in any way possible.


Recently, HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk and JYP Entertainment founder Jin Young Park appeared together on You Quiz On The Block.

From the moment the teaser was released, netizens couldn’t stop LOL’ing as the VTs looked like the two were a married couple.

The episode recently aired, and there were some adorable moments between the two K-Pop founders, including chatting about their careers, bands, and much more.

While fans worldwide were watching, it seems like V was also among those hooked on the stories.

In particular, the idol hilariously shared a screenshot of the show that had the caption, “What should I say… nephew? [talking about BTS].” In his own caption, V hilariously wrote, “From now on [JYP], you will be my uncle… are you?”

When the post was shared, netizens joked about how V had seemingly just started dating rumors between Bang Si Hyuk and JYP.

If that wasn’t funny enough, on November 3, JYP actually responded to V’s post. On his own Instagram, JYP reposted V’s story with the caption, “Uncle Park 🙂 When there’s something you can’t share with your dad… [I’m here],” seemingly referring to Bang Si Hyuk as the “dad.”

Fans have always wanted interactions between BTS and JYP artists, but they never thought 2023 would bring a literal interaction between a BTS member and JYP himself.

You can read more about V’s post below.

“Are You My Uncle From Now On?”⁠— BTS’s V Has Just Gained A New Family Member

Source: @asiansoul_jyp