JYP Responds To The Clearance Of Defamation Charges Against Alleged Bullying Victim Of ITZY’s Lia

They will take a deeper look into this.

JYP Entertainment released a response regarding the clearance of defamation charges against the alleged bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia. 

JYP Entertainment told Xportsnews, “We heard about the results through reports and are currently monitoring the situation. However, it is difficult to accept the results as they are. We will decided how to respond once we have figured out the process more clearly.”

According to Yeonhap News, the Incheon Yeonsu Police Station made the decision to clear the alleged victim of defamation charges as they felt that the online post was just an expression of what they experienced and that it was not enough evidence to prove the claims were false.

Back in February, the alleged victim accused Lia of bullying in which JYP released a statement denying it, thus taking legal action.

Source: xportsnews


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