JYP Talks About The First Time He Saw Rain

Park Jin Young shared his first encounter with Rain, and he was really impressed by the passion and fire in his eyes.

On December 03, Park Jin Young appeared on a KBS’s special comeback show for Rain, 2017 Rain is Back and talked about the first encounter with Rain.

“I remember the first time Rain entered the audition room. His facial expression, his passion, and even his sweats—I can recall them all.”

— Park Jin Young.

Prior to his debut as a solo artist, Rain was a member of the failed idol group, Fanclub.

According to Park Jin Young, Rain had failed 19 auditions before auditioning for JYP Entertainment.

He remembered him clearly and compared young Rain to a baby lion that was on the verge of death, due to extreme hunger.

“Rain reminded me of a starved young lion.

He had this look in his eyes, a combination of anger, loathing, and hunger.

I could tell he really wanted to succeed, but with the difficult circumstances, he was not able to make it come true.

He was angry and cynical, yet super talented.

I had never seen anything like that before, and I wanted to help him to make his dreams come true.”

— Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young made sure to note that although it was he who had discovered Rain, it was Rain’s determination and hard work that was the pivotal point in his global success.

Source: Insight