Meet JYPn’s Newest Member, Sullyoon, The Trainee Accepted By The “Big 3” K-Pop Companies

The list of auditions she passed is endless!

JYP Entertainment recently released footage about the latest member of the upcoming girl group JYPn, Sullyoon. The other members were revealed in a recent dance cover, but fans were treated to a stunning performance of Sunmi‘s “Full Moon.”

| JYPn/ YouTube

Like many new trainees, as soon as the teaser was released, fans were keen to find more information about Sullyoon. Despite being new to some netizens, it seems as if she is much more experienced than though, even though she was born on January 26, 2004.

In particular, fans have been sharing an image on Twitter that shows that Sullyoon might just be a “Monster Rookie.” It seems as if she had auditioned for several different companies before joining JYP in 2020 and passed them!

JYPn’s Sullyoon | JYP Entertainment

According to fans online, before being cast through a private audition for JYP, Sullyoon also succeeded in auditioning for YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment. These three have been called the “Big Three” K-Pop companies for their success.

Yet, that isn’t all! Alongside these companies, Sullyoon also passed auditions for more companies before eventually joining JYP. According to netizens, she passed the audition for TS Entertainment in 2017 but also went on to succeed in trying out for Fantagio and was a trainee for Woollim Entertainment.

If that wasn’t enough, according to someone who claims to have gone to school with Sullyoon, she was actually the class president in elementary school and always gained attention for her stunning visuals, that many have compared to the likes of TWICE‘s Sana and Tzuyu!

| JYPn/ YouTube

There is no denying that Sullyoon’s performance showcased just how talented she is, and fans cannot wait to see how she fits into the final lineup!

Make sure to read more about her below!

JYP Entertainment Reveals New Girl Group Member, Sullyoon

You can watch her full performance on the group’s YouTube channel!

Source: JYPE_Trainees and Naver