K-ARMYs Are Crying After Finding Out The Location For BTS’s Debut Date For The MOTS Tour

They couldn’t believe it.

We all know just how much fans were anticipating BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL world tour that was scheduled to happen earlier this year. Due to unforeseen events like the pandemic, the tour was postponed until further notice.

The world tour schedule had showed all the locations for the tour except for June 13-14, which happened to be BTS’s debut date.

Recently on an online community board, fans think they have figured out where the mystery location was supposed to be for their debut date.

Fans found that the photo for the upcoming Billboard performance that was posted on their Twitter revealed the location for the dates!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

If you look closely at the schedule behind V and RM, you can see:

May 30-31: TORONTO

June 5-6: CHICAGO

June 13-14: DAEGU

After hearing that the possible location for June 13-14 was supposed to be Daegu, many K-ARMYs were devastated at the fact that they could have seen them in another city in Korea besides Seoul.

“I knew that it would be a Korean performance for that date but I never thought it would be Daegu! BTS’s love for ARMYs is real!”

“Wow the performance for June 13-14 was supposedly Daegu? The words Suga said about BTS being able to perform in their hometown…but COVID-19 has taken this away…I am so sad about this right now…”

“What is going on!!! It was Daegu? Daegu? Then I could have gone on a trip to Daegu and eat makchang and gopchang and see Suga perform? Really?”

“I’m so annoyed!! Daegu!!!! Imagine just how happy V and Suga would have been if they could have performed in Daegu. They are the pride of Daegu and the sons of Daegu. There would have been advertisements all over Daegu! Imagine just how awesome that would have been!”

“Daegu…the tears are blocking my sight…go away COVID-19 seriously!”

K-ARMYs can’t shake the fact that the boys could have in fact been in Daegu for this year’s anniversary date. They hope that they will come to Daegu once things get better and the dates are rescheduled!


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