K-ARMYs Plan A Surprise Birthday Event For BTS’s Suga At “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL” Concert

K-ARMYs are so sweet! 💜

Korean ARMYs sweetly surprised BTS’s Suga at March 10’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL concert!

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga’s birthday was March 9, the day before the first PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL concert. As always, the members posted photos of him on Twitter to celebrate his birthday, and ARMYs all over the world celebrated his birthday at fan events and by posting ads in honor of his birthday.

Because the concert was so close to Suga’s birthday, ARMYs who attended the show planned a surprise birthday event for Suga. During the concert, they held up cat-shaped signs that spelled out Suga’s real name (Yoongi).

| @hourlyng/Twitter

Suga was happy to see the signs during the concert, and he smiled adorably when he spotted them.

| @taetaesga/Twitter

During the concert, the members also sang happy birthday to Suga, and he danced while they sang.

| @btsyauRJ2/Twitter

ARMYs who didn’t attend the concert were glad to see that K-ARMYs and BTS took time to wish Suga a happy belated birthday during the concert.