A K-Drama Couple Is Getting Their “Second Chance” At Romance And Fans Couldn’t Be More Excited

This is the alternate universe fans had hoped for.

Sometimes, some K-Drama leads give such convincing performances as couples fans can’t help wishing to see them again work together. Especially if the on-screen couple somehow doesn’t get their happy ending, K-Drama enthusiasts almost always start wishing to see them in a new project, just to have a better closure. But it is rare for fans to actually have these wishes come true. But for a recent K-Drama couple, it has become a reality!

The horror-thriller K-Drama, Revenant, wrapped up its final episode on June 29, KST, with chart-breaking ratings. Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung, who played the lead roles of Gu Sanyong and Lee Hongsae, respectively, charmed the audience with their unique chemistry, despite the genre not being romance.

During the show, the two characters had a rocky dynamic, which later turned into a more collaborative one. Though there was a hint of a romantic undertone in their relationship, it never really went anywhere with the plot’s primary focus on the horror element. Fans still picked up on their undeniable chemistry and couldn’t help wishing to see more of the two together.

It turns out those wishes are soon to come true. On August 16, KST, Netflix announced that Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung will portray a couple in an upcoming romance movie. But here’s the catch — they wouldn’t really appear on screen as the couple but will only lend their voices. The film in question is Lost In Starlight, Netflix’s first-ever Korean animated movie! The two will voice an astronaut-musician couple “in the longest distance relationship ever.

Kim Tae Ri will dub the character Nan Young, a space scientist who gets the opportunity to join the 4th Mars Exploration project in 2050. Nan Young wants to uncover the traces of her mother, who also went to Mars but tragically failed to return to Earth due to an unforeseen accident. On the other hand, Hong Kyung will be voicing the character of Jay, a musician who falls in love with Nan Young after the two meet coincidentally.

Viewers who loved the duo’s chemistry on Revenant are excited to see their favorite on-screen couple get a second chance at romance so soon!