K-Drama Fans Can’t Get Enough Of “The Uncanny Counter” Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Forehead

Yes, forehead. Give us all that forehead.

As a rookie evil-spirit hunting “counter” in the webtoon-based series The Uncanny Counter, actor Jo Byung Gyu has K-Drama fans screaming “Protect him at all costs“…

“The Uncanny Counter” | OCN

… with his curly-haired, baby-boy visual — blessing the screen with each and every episode.


His character, So Mun, is a teenage high school boy whose parents have been killed by an unstoppable evil spirit…

… and Jo Byung Gyu’s “youthful” appearance has been receiving nothing but high praise for making it all the more convincing.

Yet when in a recent interview on OCN‘s YouTube channel, Jo Byung Gyu showed up with his hair waxed back and forehead revealed…

… viewers became 200% speechless by his visual. Though Jo Byung Gyu came dressed as So Mun in the red track suit, he had an entirely different vibe…

… and viewers couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the actor’s mind-blowing duality! Jo Byung Gyu’s forehead has the internet fiercely divided between what’s hotter, covered vs. revealed…


… though, the correct answer is obviously, “Both“.

| theqoo

The Uncanny Counter initially started off with a 2% viewer rating. It has steadily built itself over the span of eight episodes though. And now, as of December 20, the series boasts a solid 9% viewer rating — officially claiming the throne as the highest in the history of all OCN dramas!

Watch the full interview below.

Source: theqoo