K-Drama “Start-Up” Actress Suzy’s Character Gets Called Out For Her “Unrealistic Fashion”

From Bottega Veneta to Christian Dior, Seo Dal Mi’s fashion is $$$.

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The viewer rating for Suzy‘s new K-Drama Start-Up has been steadily rising — especially with the love triangle really starting to brew between Suzy’s character, Seo Dal Mi, and the adorable male leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho‘s characters, Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyeong.

“Start-Up” poster. | tvN

Unfortunately, as more episodes air, some viewers have criticized what they insist to be “unrealistic fashion” for Seo Dal Mi.

Seo Dal Mi at work in “Start-Up”. | tvN


In the first episode, the “temp-employee” Seo Dal Mi is seen using a black marker to color in the scratches on her old pair of heels.

From this scene, along with many others which portrayed her late father constantly failing at kickstarting his business, viewers came to believe that Seo Dal Mi isn’t too well off.

Seo Dal Mi’s dying heels in “Start-Up”. | tvN

Yet in those same episodes, Seo Dal Mi is spotted carrying luxury brand bags. This brown bucket shoulder bag Seo Dal Mi matched with her marker-colored heels is actually from Lanvin, priced around $1,840 USD.

Her Bottega Veneta shoulder bag…

… is around $2,700 USD.

But the most expensive bag came with Seo Dal Mi’s party outfit…

… priced at $4,900 USD!

Viewers argued the “weird balance between the character’s setting and her outfits is distracting to the plot“…

  • “Oh, I get it. She couldn’t buy new shoes because she went broke affording those bags, huh? Come on… Attention to detail is key to creating good K-Dramas.”
  • “I think it became even more noticeable because a Lady Dior bag is so iconic that it’s pretty much recognizable from miles away.”
  • “As soon as I saw her with those bags… I couldn’t focus anymore because everything became so unrealistic.”
  • “I know Suzy is the brand ambassador for Dior and all… but there is a time and place to be plugging products that are $5K expensive.”
  • “In general, this series doesn’t pay a lot of attention to detail. There is a scene in which they’re all using brand new 2020 phones when it’s set to be in 2016.”

… calling this “mismatch” in props a “lack of attention to detail” on the production team’s end.

Source: Sports Khan, 1BOON and THEQOO