K-Drama “Twenty Five Twenty One” Changes Genres, And Fans Are Now Concerned

Is it no longer a rom-com?

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Everyone has been obsessed with tvN‘s new K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One since it premiered, including BTS‘s Jungkook and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung!

Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin (left) and Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do (right). | tvN & Netflix

We can totally understand why too. The drama is nearly perfect with visually-stunning cinematography, a touching storyline, many priceless comedic moments, and an all-star cast including Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Cosmic Girls‘ Bona, and Lee Joo Myung.

From left: Bona, Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Joo Myung, and Choi Hyun Wook. | tvN & Netflix

If you’re new to the drama, Twenty Five Twenty One alternates between the present day and the past as it parallels the struggles of youth during both the COVID-19 pandemic and the IMF (the International Monetary Fund) crisis. However, it also focuses on the romantic lives of five characters in the ’90s, with the main focus being on female lead Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri, and male lead Baek Yi Jin (sometimes romanized as Back Yi Jin), played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life.

— Netflix

Despite the serious themes throughout the drama, it has managed to remain relatively lighthearted and even incorporated comedy.

Therefore, it’s been categorized as a romantic-comedy genre.

So, when fans have theorized that Baek Yi Jin may not be alive in the present day, others would remind that since it’s a romcom, it can’t have such a depressing ending. In fact, many have already speculated that Gong Yoo would play the older version of the male lead for the present day.

Now, fans are concerned again about a potentially sad ending after the K-Drama has apparently switched genres.


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Although the K-Drama’s tone has remained the same so far, fans have noticed a small detail in online listings for Twenty Five Twenty One. When you now search for Twenty Five Twenty One, it’s categorized as Melodrama. In the past, it was Rom-Com.

Screenshot on March 21, 2022. | Google

Romantic comedies are not free from delving into serious topics, but they consistently have happy endings. Melodramas, on the other hand, are darker.

In contrast to Western Melodrama, the concept of suffering is a fundamental component. It is partly captured in the word han, which is a deep-seated feeling of sorrow, bitterness, or despair that originates in oppression or injustice which accumulates over time and remains unexpressed in the heart. It is believed by some to be a distinguishing characteristic of the Korean culture. Another distinguishing characteristic of Korean melodrama is the emphasis on family. While Western Melodrama tends to focus on the individual, the portrayal of the self in relation to the family in Korean Melodrama is significant. Early melodramatic texts typically dramatize the moral superiority of old values.

In American melodramas, restages of social and cultural values are also pivotal. However, there is more of a tendency to evaluate the rapid transformation of social relations by looking back and consulting the old order of things. In typical endings, characters whose world has collapsed around them usually find another form of personal satisfaction and re-invest their faith in the typical American dream: a classic Hollywood happy ending. Contrast this to Korean melodramas, where the main characters don’t recover. When Korean melodrama characters realize they’ve lost it all, the film usually takes them back to a fleeting memory of past happiness and then ends, eschewing resolution.

— Wikipedia

A popular example of a recent Korean melodrama is Snowdrop.

Considering K-Dramas, such as Snowdrop, are of the Melodrama genre and have considerably devastating endings, it is only natural that Twenty Five Twenty One fans are concerned about changing genres.

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So, the genre switch has not helped reassure fans on Baek Yi Jin’s future. Many speculate that he will not be alive during the present day.


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Yet, some remain hopeful and have developed theories to support a happy ending for everyone.


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There are still a couple of more weeks left to Twenty Five Twenty One, so let’s trust the writers for now. The drama is currently running with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. For international viewers, it’s released on Netflix.

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