K-Drama Version Of “So I Married An Anti-Fan” Starring Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung And Choi Tae Joon Finally Confirms Broadcast Date

It’s finally being released.

The K-Drama version of So I Married An Anti-Fan has finally confirmed its broadcast date.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, So I Married An Anti-Fan will be released to fans from 190 countries around the world starting on April 30. The show will be released on various online platforms, including Naver TV, Viki, and iQIYI.

So I Married An Anti-Fan is based off the webtoon of the same name, is written by Kim Eun Jung and Nam Ji Yeon, and produced by Kang Cheol Woo. The K-Drama will star Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, Choi Tae Joon, 2PM‘s Chansung, Han Ji An, and Kim Min Gyu.

Choi Tae Joon will play the role of Hoo Joon, a world-famous superstar who appears cold-hearted on the outside, but is actually very pure and carries the pain of his first love within his heart.

Sooyoung will play the role of Lee Geun Young, a magazine reporter who becomes Hoo Joon’s anti-fan after he ruins her life.

Chansung will play the role of JJ, a chaebol and CEO of an entertainment agency.

Han Ji An will play the role of Oh In Hyung, a rising movie star.

Kim Min Gyu will play the role of Go Soo Hwan, Lee Geun Young’s photographer friend.

So I Married An Anti-Fan actually began filming nearly three years ago, back in August 2018. Watch the Viki preview of the show below:

Source: Joy News24