K-Drama “Vincenzo” Hits All Time High Viewer Ratings After The Leads’ First Kiss Scene Sparks Romance


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In the latest episode of tvN‘s K-Drama Vincenzo, male lead Song Joong Ki‘s character Vincenzo and female lead Jeon Yeo Been‘s character Hong Cha Young went undercover as Mr. Anderson and Ms. Bening — lovebirds to be engaged at the Ragusang Art Gallery…

… while the real Mr. Anderson and Ms. Bening got kidnapped to take a private tour of the Geumga Plaza, led by the merchants in the building.

While Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young successfully entered the venue, the couple immediately found themselves in a pickle when the art gallery director initiated a small surprise previously arranged by the real Mr. Anderson: An engagement.

Vincenzo got on his knees to ask for Hong Cha Young’s hand in marriage. When she said yes, the art gallery director insisted the two share a kiss to celebrate the moment. Vincenzo hesitated, knowing his relationship to Hong Cha Young is not (yet) romantic at all…

… but Hong Cha Young did not waste another second. She went in and planted one right on Vincenzo’s lips!

Though completely caught off guard by Hong Cha Young’s move, Vincenzo eventually played along. And like that, the two colleagues locked lips in a confusing-but-passionate kiss during their undercover act!

After successfully completing their mission, Hong Cha Young apologizes for having kissed Vincenzo without his consent. In response, Vincenzo playfully calls Hong Cha Young “Sweetie” to lighten up the mood — only to fill the air with even more post-kiss awkwardness. Between the smooching and the sweetie-ing, Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young slowly realize they might be developing bigger feelings for each other.

And viewers are living for this spark of romance between Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young! Following the episode, Vincenzo‘s viewer rating peaked at its all time high of 13.9% (metropolitan areas, 12.4% national) at one point, making it the leading show across all channels that air at the same time.

With six more episodes to go, Vincenzo viewers look forward to seeing Vincenzo x Hong Cha Young’s chemistry explode!

Watch the full clip here. 💋💖

Source: Chosun

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