K-Netizens Bash Hwasa For Claiming She Doesn’t Care About How Much She Weighs

Hwasa revealed her personal preference in dieting.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is set to appear in the upcoming episode of Problem Child In House, where she’ll be showing off her mukbang talent.

In the episode, one of the hosts was shocked by how well Hwasa ate and asked if it was okay for her to eat this much when she’s just starting promotions for their new album. Hwasa revealed that she doesn’t care about how much she weighs and eats as she likes.

“I don’t take special care of my weight. I just eat.”

— Hwasa

After hearing Hwasa’s personal preference in dieting, K-Netizens began to bash her for her weight. They criticized her figure and told her to start caring about how much she weighs.

hwasa weight knetizen

The netizens appear to have forgotten that Hwasa is the icon of a sexy and glamorous bodyline.

mamamoo hwasa weight 2

She’s repeatedly shown off her one-in-a-million hourglass figure!

mamamoo hwasa weight 1


Don’t pay the haters any mind, Hwasa. Keep doing what you do, Queen!

hwasa netizen body figure

Source: Newsen
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