K-Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About (G)I-DLE’s Recent Performance Outfits

“The clothes are simply not that cute.”

(G)I-DLE‘s recent styling has drawn some mixed feelings from Korean netizens.

(G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

(G)I-DLE recently made their comeback with “Queencard.” The catchy song quickly caught the attention of fans and non-fans, with many saying it’s the perfect summer song.

The music video featured a wide range of Y2K-inspired fashion and other bold, colorful looks.

This has carried over into their stage out for performances, but not everyone has been a fan of the looks. While some of the stage looks have been more matched more aesthetically…

…some are bold and mix colors and patterns across each member’s individual outfit.

Many of the outfits are meant to be kitsch or “overly eccentric,” but some Korean netizens feel the look is not stylish, no matter the intention.

  • I know they’re going for that kitschy vibe, but the clothes are simply not that cute.
  • It’s all too much.
  • I can’t believe fashion from the Terrible 2000s is trending again.
  • I’m a (G)I-DLE fan, but I’m not in love with any of it… T_T What they wore in Week 1 was OK. But since Week 2, it has been impossible to see cute fits. I hope they stop working with that stylist… It’s my one and only wish.

Others appreciate each member’s style and love how bold and stand-out the outfits are. They also feel the outfits are the perfect real-life representation of their characters from the music videos.

  • I really liked their M Countdown outfits because they reminded me of the early 2000s fashion trends… Like Lee Hyori’s “10 Minute” vibes. Haha.
  • If you watch their videos, the outfits look cute. Haha. They’re bright and playful, so they go well with the song.
  • I think the outfits look cute. They fit the concept nicely.
  • HUH? I don’t think the outfits are over the top at all. Haha. And I’m a huge girl group fan so I follow different groups.
  • I like that the outfits are unique and interesting but not too far from the current trends.
  • From the individual outfit pieces to the members’ physiques… They literally look like queen bee characters from animations. Haha.

(G)I-DLE are gorgeous and talented queens regardless of what they wear, but what do you think of their outfits?