K-Pop Idols Fight Back Against Netizens: “No Mercy”

CNLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has joined Lee Min Ho in the battle against Netizens, also taking legal action against cyber bullying.

In a statement released by FNC Entertainment on November 1st, the company revealed Yonghwa had been harrassed by a number of malicious netizens. In response to these hurtful rumors and comments, they have decided to take legal action.

FNC Entertainment stated that they aim to take legal action against defamatory acts spreading false and malicious rumors. They have urged netizens to be aware of their comments as they aim to establish a healthy internet culture by tackling this issue.

Jung Yonghwa is the second Korean artist to take legal action against netizens this week, following Lee Min Ho.

The actor also released a statement through his agency, MYM Entertainment. The agency said in a statement, “Malicious commenters have spread false rumors about Lee Min Ho and have personally attacked him, slandering his name. Lee Min Ho has suffered severe defamation [of character]. Fans are also suffering from immense stress [due to this situation].”

Lee Min Ho and Yonghwa aren’t the only ones to fight back against netizens. In the past, miss A’s SuzyJessica JungDasom and others have also sued netizens.

Do you think Netizens should be punished for horrible comments?

Source: Dispatch