K-Reporter Criticized For Bringing Up Jihyo In This Article About Kang Daniel

The reporter went way too far…

Kang Daniel was recently spotted heading to the airport for his schedules abroad. He was greeted by a mob of fans and press reporters who took his photos.


One reporter decided to post an article with the title, “Kang Daniel, ‘Everyone spend the Chuseok well Jihyo’” She had replaced the “-yo” at the end of the honorifics to “-hyo” to change the sentence to include Jihyo‘s name.


K-netizens and fans began criticizing the reporter for adding in Jihyo’s name to the article when the article literally had only 3 sentences about Kang Daniel being spotted at the airport.


Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Jihyo has been dating since the beginning of this year. The two have become a power couple as they’re two of the most popular idols today.


It appears just because of their relationship, the two are being connected in every which way.

Source: isplus