Koreans Are Amazed To See A Korean Skincare Product Being Advertised Through PPL In An American Music Video

Have you seen this product before?

Have you ever heard of KAHI‘s Multi Balm? While you probably wouldn’t have heard of its name, you must’ve seen it in many K-Dramas. The product is famous for being highly introduced through PPL (product placement). Meant to help correct wrinkles and fine lines, Kim Go Eun first advertised the product. It appeared in both The King and Yumi’s Cells.

Kim Go Eun using the KAHI Multi Balm in The King. | SBS
Kim Go Eun using the product in Yumi’s Cells. | tvN

The constant exposure of the product helped it become a household name, although many had their doubts about its actual effectiveness. Now, the Multi Balm has crossed the Multi-Verse and entered American markets. The balm was featured in Ava Max‘s new music video for “You’re The Problem.”

| Ava Max/YouTube

The concept involves using the Multi Balm to melt away the cyborg touch.

| Ava Max/YouTube

True to its name, she uses it on the face and all over the body.

| Ava Max/YouTube

Koreans were stunned to see the balm appear in overseas’ music videos. They were amazed at the extent that the company went to with its product placement.

  • “That’s just vaseline… Don’t buy it and just apply vaseline. LOL”
  • “I was like, no way LOL.”
  • “I wondered if it was really KAHI f*ck LOL.”
  • “It’s so funny.”
  • “Crazy LOL.”
  • “I was like ‘huh, KAHI…?’ as I clicked in, and it was really them.”
  • “KAHI??? LOL”
  • “Crazy, haha.”

Well, it’s not the first time that Ava Max has collaborated with the Korean market. She often features K-Pop singers in her songs, including her collaboration with NCT and Red Velvet. Check out the music video with KAHI’s Multi Balm below.

Source: theqoo