Kang Daniel Achieves 1st Win For “What Are You Up To” Through Music Bank

He wasn’t even there and still took home the trophy!

Kang Daniel has won his first music show trophy since his official solo debut! Music Bank awarded him the 1st place trophy for “What are you up to” and he didn’t even appear on the show!


The final two contestants were ITZY with “ICY” and Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel took home the prize for the day thanks to his massive number for album sales.


Since he wasn’t at the show to receive the prize, his fellow Wanna One member Bae Jinyoung of CIX took the flowers for him! And he waved it at the camera for Kang Daniel to see!


Fans began trending “#KangDaniel1stWin” and “#WhatAreYouUpTo1stWin” to celebrate his win!


Congratulations to Kang Daniel and hopefully he’ll soon begin promoting through music shows to personally receive his trophies!


Check out his “What are you up to” MV to celebrate!

Source: Sports Chosun

Kang Daniel