Kang Daniel’s New Company Is Now Recruiting Employees

They’ve begun recruiting in 11 departments.

Kang Daniel, who recently founded his own agency, is now hiring employees for his new business.

On the afternoon of June 11th, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT uploaded posts for their public recruitment on various employment websites. As soon as the post was uploaded, the company rose to No.1 on an employment website’s TOP 100 ranking and has already accumulated hundreds of applicants.


The agency is currently hiring in 11 departments including management support (administration), management support (accounting), artist manager, media public relations, content distribution, content production, A&R, public communication, global business (Japan), global business (English-speaking countries) and global business (China).

The recruitment post reveals Kang Daniel’s name as the CEO of the company and also revealed the agency’s logo.


Meanwhile, it has recently been revealed that Kang Daniel had established not only KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, but also KD Corporation. KONNECT will be managing Kang Daniel’s work in the entertainment industry while KD Corporation handles everything else regarding Kang Daniel.

Source: Osen