Kang Daniel Brings Back His “Samoyed Aegyo” That We’ve Missed For So Long

Drop all your UWUs here and now.

At his fan meeting on July 31, 2019, Kang Daniel and his fans spent the time of their lives getting to meet and greet, interact, and celebrate his return.


It was at this very fan meeting, Kang Daniel also returned to showing off his usual aegyo-filled personality – and fans are realizing how much they’ve missed him, the big fluffy samoyed of a K-Pop star.


Kang Daniel was spotted charming his fans one by one throughout the fan meeting event. He wholeheartedly carried out the requests made by fans and enchanted them with impeccable “fan service”.


Even when he wasn’t asked to pull of his cute side, Kang Daniel wowed his supporters with natural aegyo. Fans were entirely caught off guard popping out of nowhere at the most unexpected moments and simply attacking them!


Kang Daniel has long been nicknamed and compared to the samoyed breed of dog because of his adorable visual and even more UWU personality. There is even an entire Twitter account dedicated to exposing this fluffy-dog side of Kang Daniel:


Fans simply can’t get enough of Kang Daniel, especially because they’ve been deprived of his cuteness for such a long time. Here’s more of Kang Daniel blessing us all with his irresistible visual:

Kang Daniel