Kang Daniel’s Childhood Friends Were Worried Of His Off-Screen Personality Before He Debuted

But they didn’t need to worry at all!

Kang Daniel featured on the cover of The Star magazine’s June issue, where he opened up about his career and how his peers perceive his personality.

Kang Daniel opened up about how his friends and peers worried that his dorky and energetic personality might be perceived by the public.

But as soon as he debuted, his fans fell in love with him for his personality! It was a trait that drew people towards him even more!

My friends and people around me told me, ‘Your personality on screen is really the same as your true personality.’ I’m not 4D, but I have moments where you don’t know what I’m going to next.

Before I debuted, my friends worried about my personality but they’re very grateful that my fans see my personality as something unique to me.

— Kang Daniel

Thanks to his personality, talent, and visuals, Kang Daniel won the heart of a nation as he quickly rose to one of the most adored idols today.

When asked if he felt pressured by the immense amount of popularity, he explained that he struggles with it but tries to keep a positive and open mind!

I’m not someone who enjoys attention, so I always feel [uncomfortable with the immense popularity] but I also feel it depends on how you perceive the attention.

I know it’s not an easy feat to gain peoples’ interest. I’m trying to enjoy the moment and think of it broadly.

These worries have a positive influence on me.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel definitely has a dorky side to him, but it’s what makes him more lovable to his Danitys! And it proves that he’s as sweet and lovable off-screen as he is on-screen!

Source: My Daily

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