Kang Daniel Confirms Solo Debut Date

He is ready to make his solo debut.

Kang Daniel has confirmed his long awaited solo debut date, which will be at the end of July. While a specific date has not been released, he has shared many of the important details of his solo debut.

His agency KONNECT Entertainment confirmed that he completed the recording of the songs for his album, and shared the details.

Kang Daniel recently finished recording the songs for his solo debut mini album, and the timeframe for his solo debut will be in late July.

— KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel also recently posted a picture of himself with a handwritten sign saying “Done” while in the recording studio.

The album was produced by popular producing team Devine Channel, who have composed songs for Korea’s top artists such as BTS, EXO, TWICE, Taeyeon, TVXQ, and VIXX. Devine Channel also enlisted the help of world-renowned Grammy award winning producer Geoffrocause, who has worked with Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, and Charlie Puth in the past.

Kang Daniel is currently finalizing which track will be his title track and wrapping up preparations for his choreography and promotional content.

Source: Osen

Kang Daniel