Kang Daniel Under Fire For Allegedly “Sexist” Comments

Fans claim he was being sexist and unwilling to be educated.

Kang Daniel was the MC of the reality dance program, Street Woman Fighter. Seeing the success of Street Woman Fighter, he was chosen to continue his role as the MC of the male spin-off, Street Man Fighter.

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When fans asked him about the filming for Street Man Fighter, they were disappointed to receive his updates. Through UNIVERSE‘s subscription message service, Kang Daniel talked about the differences between filming for the female and male versions of the show. Unfortunately, his words rubbed fans the wrong way as many began to criticize his comments as “sexist“.

Kang Daniel’s updates to fans on UNIVERSE. | @Jn1nK1KPA9SefvA/Twitter

And to be honest, it was so comfortable because they were all men. I’m happy. Because my energy doesn’t get sucked out of me. I was very scared in the beginning actually. But Street Woman Fighter was scarier and I like [what I’m doing] now more.

— Kang Daniel

Fans took this the wrong way as the term “energy-sucking” in Korean is often used to refer to situations involving cliques of women in Korea. It is used commonly to patronize and subtly put down women under the stereotype that women are cattier than men.

When fans pointed that out, Kang Daniel continued to offend by waving away those that tried to educate him.

Kang Daniel’s updates to fans on UNIVERSE. | @Jn1nK1KPA9SefvA/Twitter

They’re noonas who do their eyeliner and makeup fiercely too. [pause between messages] What do you mean I’m being sexist? I’m at a loss for words… I’ll just skip through it. Blocking them beep boop. Wheee goodbye. Such people would be the ones who get angry when they attend stand-up comedy shows. Just live comfortably. Life is already too hard.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, later on, tried to salvage the situation by claiming that he knew and was familiar with many of the dancers as he used to be in the underground dancing scene too. He also explained that he was trained in the same underground scene from the bottom up.

Kang Daniel’s updates to fans on UNIVERSE. | @Jn1nK1KPA9SefvA/Twitter

I’m not lying but I know almost all of them. All of them are like close dancer dongsaengs of hyungs that I know. Me too, I was someone who honed my skills in the underground scene. That’s why I could become the MC. LOL.

— Kang Daniel

Fans remain critical of his comments and lack of willingness to learn.

This is the typical man who tries to bring down impressive women LOL. Whenever they see women who are better than them, they say crap like they’re scary and spiteful to bring them down.

— @Q6CJWuKzseHKtij

Characteristics of lower men: they get scared of just women with thick eyeliner and whine to their fans about how energy-sucking and scary they are.

— @djqls

Criticism for Kang Daniel continues to flow out as his company remains silent.

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