Kang Daniel Was So Exhausted He Fell Asleep During A Variety Show

Don’t ask Kang Daniel for a pillow, because he might fall asleep instead!

On SBS’s Master Key, cast members played the game called “Find My Pillow,” where the contestants had to go find the pillows that had their own faces printed on them.


When the game began, everybody got up from their sleeping bags and ran to find their pillows, but one sleeping bag was still occupied by someone.


It was none other than Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, where he actually fell asleep during standby.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan glanced at him for a second and realized that Kang Daniel definitely needed the sleep.

“He actually fell asleep. Why don’t we let him sleep for just five minutes.”

— Seungkwan


When Lee Soo Geun eventually woke him up later, Kang Daniel was so startled that he had actually fallen asleep.

“Did…did I sleep? Oh, I’m so tired.”

— Kang Daniel


Although the members had laughed it off, fans worried about his health because it was clear that he doesn’t get enough sleep.


It was recently reported that he was extremely sick, so he had to stop all schedules for a while.

(★BREAKING) Wanna One Kang Daniel Having Difficulty Walking And Speaking Due To Extreme Fever

Many wonder if it’s coming from extreme fatigue caused by their hectic schedule.


Watch the full clip of Kang Daniel falling asleep below.

Source: Insight